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With individualised coaching, you will receive a completely personalised approach towards achieving better health & wellbeing. This service includes everything you need to achieve the best possible result.
Going beyond chasing a good looking transformation photo.

Assessments, individualised training programming, nutritional coaching, training sessions, nutritional & supplementation guidance, stress & recovery management & more.

A completely personalised service to cater for your individual needs and specific goals.


A completely individualised approach towards working on your goals.

Developed via an online platform to hold you accountable, regular contact from me with ongoing support to ensure you're staying on track.

Please note, this is only advised for individuals that have confidence & experience in weight training.
If you lack either of the two, I strongly advice you towards face-to-face coaching.



Hi, I'm Dylan, founder of A1 Coaching.

From a young. age, I've always had a genuine interest & passion for health and fitness.

Always heavily involved in sports, but more specifically football.

After spending 12 months failing university and feeling a little lost, I made the decision to follow my passion and pursue a career in something I enjoyed.
I've now been in the health & fitness industry for several years, dating back to 2014, and to this day I can honestly say that I have not looked back.
In that time I've had the absolute pleasure of working with hundreds of clients in 1-on-1 settings, group training, online coaching, as well as huge transformation challenges of over 150 people.

Working with people of all different shapes and sizes, backgrounds, lifestyles, commitments and priorities, all with different goals and each bringing something unique to the table.

At A1 Coaching, my goal is to not only guide you towards achieving the goals you're aiming for, but help you to do so in a holistic manner as well as educate you along the way so that you can maintain your results.

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An exclusive coaching facility located right here in the Illawarra.

Client Testimonials


During my 6 months working with Dylan, we had a lot of ups & downs, but Dylan was always there to help me out.
He gave me the right advice for training and nutrition, and gave me flexibility when needed.
When I started with Dylan, I was 98.8kgs and 25.9% body fat.

By the end i had reached 80.1kg and 13.7% body fat.

I now have more energy, life balance and I wake up happy with myself

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